Professor Rico’s Lottery By The Weather – Pick Sheet

Lottery By The Weather [Pick Sheet]

Created By Professor Ric

Professor Rico has researched a phenomenom that occurs during certain weather conditions. That according to weather statistics, certain number combinations are pulled 93% whenever it rains and during cells with high humidity and barometric pressure. Stop relying on a “lucky hunch” when Professor Rico has done the work. He has the dream books beat. His sheet has made over $25,000 in winners. Thats just in one state. His lottery picks show up daily lottery drawings in 11 of all the states east of the Missisippi. Take advantage of this phenomenon and play his picks on rainy days. No one else would dare to predict lottery wins based on the weather! No one but Professor Rico. make money when it rains…  Formula works in most states.

Professor Rico's Lottery By The Weather
Professor Rico's Lottery By The Weather

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